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Correct Grammar Tutorial

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    Correct Grammar (CG) is a software program that analyzes word processing documents (that you have already written) for punctuation, word usage, spelling, and grammar.
    Correct Grammar is not run while you are in the writing process. Rather, CG checks a document after you have completed and quit your word processing file.
    When CG is finished reviewing a document, it is able to identify your writing style and displays a screen containing readability information.
    Correct Grammar can check any word processing document.

Before starting, get acquainted with CG functions by using the tutorial files (located in the CG folder):

  • Tour GC provides a brief overview of Correct Grammar.

  • Learn GC explains the features of Correct Grammar and demonstrates how they are used.

  • If you examine these files, you can feel free to make changes in the document being examined, however, we do not want these changes to become permanent. When you are finished with a tutorial, the computer will present you with a screen that will ask you whether you wish to save changes to the tutorial. When this screen appears, click "discard" and the changes you made will not be saved.

Getting Started:
1. Open any word processing program and save as your name. Write as usual. Type in 5-10 sentences. When finished writing, quit your document. 2. You are now ready to check your document. On the hard drive, double-click the Correct Grammar icon.

3. A menu of choices from the hard drive will appear. Look for your word processing file. If the name of your word processing document is not visible, use the arrows to scroll through the list.

4. When your document is visible, use the mouse to highlight that selection. Double click the name or click the open button to get it.

5. Once your document is opened, Correct Radiology technician begins checking immediately.Operating Correct Grammar:

1. When CG is analyzing a passage the cursor will change from an arrow to a rotating circle. 2. Once a possible error is identified, you tell CG what you want it to do by clicking on the menu ribbon (see description below) on the center of the screen.

3. CG will suggest an alternative to what is written, but you do not have to change it if you do not want to.

4. When CG is finished reviewing a document, it will display a screen of readability information.

Functions Offered on the Menu Ribbon:

Correct makes the suggested correction right in your text.

Ignore means to move on to the next suggestion, ignoring the correct one. For a possibly misspelled word, Ignore means that the word is spelled correctly.

Next ¶ advances to the next paragraph and pauses. Click Check to resume checking.

Quiet means "don't bother me with this suggestion again, I don't like it."

Tutorial gives you a quick lesson in the principles of writing that apply.

Help displays assistance about how the program works.

Add records a word in the user dictionary so that it will be considered properly spelled in the future.

Skip 1x (skip one time) means that this is a deliberately spelled word, so that subsequent instances of this word should be considered misspellings.

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