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Treatment pattern. Not too fat.

วันอาทิตย์ที่ 21 กุมภาพันธ์ พ.ศ. 2553

They say that no one would speak Eaign obesity or excess weight between .
Because anyone want a slim shape. Elder Lane Inc. together. But when the fat already. Avoid it as you speak to another and. Cause weight too than it is at the same resolute determination that when not like fat. This is to try to follow Christ together.

Some of you have heard other players talk like that if Christ is not like they do not eat fat สิ. If not, oh no review. Then we will have a strong work force earn between so weight is not not eat anything. But you should at least separate volume.

Should ban eating of meat, fried foods and install it. Even though both knew how. Meat install it sound A hundred such delicious pork legs, pork, third floor, fried sausage, crackling, fried Hnagake, Tadman what these ... oh, and then dribble to say, even delicious work?. Would have to bear the .

Stop eating kiss suck to eat Christ? But to know how difficult it should try before. Because eating crunchy candy box. Or snack. Or eating snacks between meals is not a strong web time. We will take over and forget to eat and forget that restraint. Then take it to the next weight limit is just.

Other activities scheduled shaft friends some rice to eat. Urban eat rice and this is just a friend How are unknown. What is delicious to eat out. But if they also want to maintain per share. What then would be callous refusal ล่ะ believe good friends would surely understand ... Hooray!

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